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Arts, music & other cultural festivals are celebrated by millions of people all round the world. Match each festival below with its place of origin. Can you add any additional festivals celebrated in your country?

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Burning Man Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA Carnival Rio de Janeiro, Brazil & Venice, Italy Cheese-Rolling Coopers Hill, Gloucestershire, England Dia de los muertos (Day of the Dead) Mexico Glastonbury Glastonbury, England Holi (Spring Festival of Colours) India & Nepal Ice and Snow Festival Harbin, China La Tomatina Valencia, Spain Oktoberfest Munich, Germany Running of The Bulls Pamplona, Spain Songkran Water Festival Thailand St Patrick's Day Ireland Tomorrowland Boom, Belgium Up Helly Aa Fire Festival Shetland Isles, Scotland White Nights Festival St Petersburg, Russia Winter Solstice Stonehenge, England

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3 November 2015

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