Introduction to the Scientific Method - 3rd Grade

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6 steps/process skills of the scientific method/process observe, predict, measure, classify, infer, communicate scientific method how scientist think and analyze their work qualitative observations the five senses - sight, touch, hearing, smell, taste property of a material the characteristics of something, there are many different types of these classify to put things into definite categories by common properties measure use of tools to make precise or specific information with numbers step 2 of the scientific method predict step 4 of the scientific method classify communicate describe and share information with others tools that measure ruler, scale, balance tape measure measuring cup predict think about what might happen infer use reasoning to draw conclusions quantitative observations tells the quantity -- how much -- os something by using measuring tools for precise, number observations observe to carefully explore a material's properties; look/watch things with a purpose step 3 of the scientific method measure step 6 of the scientific method communicate step 5 of the scientific method infer step 1 of the scientific method observe ways to identify property of matter quantitative and qualitative observations types of properties of matter color, shape, size, luster, texture, weight/mass, volume, state (solid, gas, liquid), magnetic attraction, ability to sink or float in water

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10 September 2016

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Introduction to the Scientific Method - 3rd grade

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