Learning Strategies 5th Gr Science- Inv #3

Matching Pairs Worksheet

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baking soda common household item- a leavening agent in cooking and used as an antacid calcium chloride a salt (not for eating) used to lower freezing temperature to melt ice on roadways citric acid food additive to get a tangy taste to soft drinks and candies chemical reaction the process in which substances change to make one or more new substances that have different properties from the original ones gas a state of matter that is shapeless an expands to fill the closed container it is in precipitate a new substance forms and settles out of a liquid product the substance(s) created or resulting from a chemical reaction reactant one of the starting substances in a chemical reaction solvent the liquid in which a solute is dissolved to form a solution (often water) solute a component in a solution, what is dissolved in the solvent ( sugar crystals) solution a liquid mixture in which the solute is uniformly distributed within the solvent mixture a substance made by mixing two or more substances together

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6 November 2023

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