Mother's Day

Matching Pairs Worksheet

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Please match the mothers with there child or children.

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Eve Genesis 4:1,4:25 Cain, Abel ,Seth Sarah Genesis 21:2-3 Isaac Rebekah Genesis 25:19 Jacob ,Esau Rachel Genesis 35:24 Joseph , Benjamin Jochebed Numbers 26:59 Miriam,Aaron,Moses Naomi Ruth 1:2 Mahlon,Chilion, Ruth's mother in law Hannah 1Samuel 1:20 Samuel Bathsheba 1Choronicles 3:5 Solomon,Nathan,Shobab,Shammua Abjah 2Chronicles 29:1 Hezekiah Azabah 2Kings 22:42 Jehoshaphant Jedidah 2Kings 22:1 Josiah Elizabeth Luke 1:13 John the Baptist Mary Luke 1:31,Mark 6:3 Jesus,Joseph,James,Jude,Simon Eunice 2Timothy 1:5 Timothy Lois 2Timothy 1:5 Eunice

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29 April 2021

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