Religious Vocabulary #4

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Atheism Denial in the existence of God Cotholic A Christian community that is one, holy and apostolic, open to all people. Christianity Belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ Covenant An agreement or contract Eternal No beginning or end Immutable Unchangeable , not subject to change Incarnation To assume human form Monotheism The belief in one God Pantheism The belief that God and nature are one Salvation The extension of God's forgiveness, grace and healing to the world through Jesus Christ Islam The religion of the Muslims, a monotheistic faith, Jesus Christ was a prophet, and he was not crucified Omnipotent Having unlimited power, authority over all creation Polytheism The belief that there are many gods Judaism The religion of the Jews, monotheistic, Jesus Christ was not a prophet and was crucified for his claim to be divine Revelation God communicated that Jesus Christ was his son Omnipresent God is always present everywhere at the same time

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22 September 2014

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