Renting Property/Disease Prevention

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Match the definition on the right with the word in the column on the left.  Place the letter next to the correct word.

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lease Contract between a landlord and a tenant landlord Owner of a property that is leased to another tenant A person who lives on the property of another utilities A service providing light, power, and/or water to housing or a business security deposit Money piad BEFORE moving into housing to hep cover any accidental damage residence A place of living consent Permission and/or agreement address The street name and number for the location of the residency vaccinations Medicine (often a shot) to protect from disease health department A governmental business to keep health records for a city or county health center A place of treatment for health issues cost The amount charged for a service health insurance A product purchased to help in paying health care costs required A command service or charge for maintenance of good health provide To supply or make available treatment for a medical need

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5 March 2018

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