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Matching Pairs Worksheet

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Find the perfect pairs.

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I am excited. I am hyped. I love reading. I am a bookworm. I am very thirsty. I'm parched. I am in trouble. I am in hot water. I am focused and productive. I am in the zone. I am listening to you. I am all ears. I am tired. I am beat. I am very busy. I am swamped. That's popular or trendy. That's so hip. I was scared. I chickened out. I like to wake up early. I am a early bird. I love good food. I am foodie. I love to travel. I am a wanderlust. I'm leaving. I am out of here. / I'm out. no problem no biggie / no sweat I can't eat anymore. I am stuffed. I have no money. I am broke. I forgot it. It slipped my mind This is bad. This is wack. I haven't seen you. Long time no see. My best my A-game I agree with you completely. You can say that again. That place never closes. It is open twenty four seven (24/7). It is awesome. It is the bomb. This food is delicious. That hit the spot. We will be there very soon. In no time Ignore Give the cold shoulder He is bothering me. He is getting on my skin. Do you want to meet later on? Do you want to hook up later on? We avoid work and waste time. We goof off.

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20 February 2024

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