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English Plus 2, unit 1

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audience people who watch a performance or a play channel a company that broadcasts on TV programme (Br)/program(Am) a show on the or radio show performance in a theatre or on TV character a person in a book, film or play episode one part of a series broadcast send out a TV or radio program advert/advertisement a notice, a photo or a short film to persuade people to buy or use something screen the flat glass part of a TV or computer that shows pictures or images remote control a piece of equipment that you use to control something from a distance participant a person who takes part in something viewer a person who watches TV presenter a person who announces information or reads the news onTV series a set of TV programs that deal with the same subject or have the same characters reality show the TV program that shows the everyday life of the competitors and the winner gets a large amount of money cruel liking to hurt others embarrassing making someone feel nervous abandon leave alone eliminate remove or get rid of something soap opera a story that continues on TV about the lives of imaginary people sitcom a regular TV program that shows the same characters in different amusing situations documentary a film giving information or facts about something drama acting and plays game show a TV program in which people play and can win a large amount of money the news information about the things that have just happened talent show a TV program in which people compete with others showing their ability to sing, dance etc cartoon a show with moving drawings play a story performed by people in a theatre, on TV or on radio

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21 March 2020

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