Vocabulary Words 4/17-4/21

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Dialogue conversation spoken by characters in a story, play or other literary work stanza A section of a poem similar to a paragraph imagery To use a vivid descriptions to make a picture in your mind idiom An expression that has a different meaning from the literal meaning simile A comparison of two unlike things using "like or "as" metaphor A comparison of two unlike things that does NOT use "like" of "as" personification Giving human qualities to something that is not human hyperbole An exaggeration used to emphasize somethig alliteration Repeating the same beginning consonant sounds onomatopoeia The use of words to imitate sounds despair To lose hope, ready to give up climax of a story The major turning point, the most exciting part formal Following rules of rituals, not relaxed or casual criticism To find fault, passing judgement influential Having an effect on someone pity To feel sorry for someone theme of a story The central idea or underlying message of a story resolution of a story The solution, where the problem is solved tense Nervous, jittery humble Modest, not bragging

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17 April 2017

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Staar vocabulary words 4th grade

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