Christmas through the Ages (Intermediate+)

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How we celebrate Christmas has changed over time. Match the event with a time period and location. (Based on article Christmas: Pagan to Puritan to Pay, Pay, Pay! by Paul Giggins in New Standpoints, Dec 2008-Jan 2009).

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BC (Before Christ) Worshipping many gods and goddesses. Europe 356AD Pope Julius I chooses 25th December as Christmas Day. Rome 4th century Pagan teacher Libanius comments on the commercialisation of Christmas. Antioch 5th to 15th centuries People mainly celebrated pagan traditions like burning the Yule Log. Europe 11th century Bishop Nicholas of Smyrna, who became popular as St Nicholas, came from here. Turkey 5th to 15th centuries Ephiphany custom of choosing a king with a bean in a cake. France 1620 Christmas was opposed by the Puritan settlers for the next 200 years. America 1622 Father Christmas was invented by playwright Ben Jonson. England 1644 Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas for 10 years. England 1822 Santa Clause was invented by Clement Clark Moore. New York 1840 Families began putting up Christmas trees. Scandinavia 1843 The Victorian classic, A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens was published. Britain 1887 The Times placed the first Christmas advertisement. London 1890s Tree ornaments imported from here became popular in the USA. Germany 1958 Christmas first became an official bank holiday. Scotland

Write about the history of Christmas compared to another celebration in your country.

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18 December 2013

ShirleyNorrie Author Country Flag United Kingdom

Works as post-reading activity (details given) fro 20-30 minutes plus writing/discussion.

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