English Conjunctions: Because vs. So

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It started to rain so we stopped playing tennis. I didn't eat breakfast so I was hungry by 11am. He didn't have a nickel left so I offered to buy him lunch. My meeting ran over so I was late for my next appointment. She left her car at home today so we offered her a lift. We stopped playing golf because it started to rain. I was so angry because my sister took my favourite dress. He ate the chocolate one first because he has a sweet tooth. She wasn't hungry at dinner because she ate lunch late. He couldn't afford new shoes because he recently became unemployed.

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17 April 2012

Quickworksheets Author Country Flag Australia

These matching sets of 3 cards form sentences using the conjunctions "because" and "so". Clause order is as follows: Result -> BECAUSE -> reason. Reason -> SO -> result.

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