Wonders Grade 4 Unit 5 Week 2 Irregular Plurals

Matching Triples Worksheet

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Match the Words with their plural forms and the the change made to form these irregular plurals

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child Children Add consonants and a vowel to the end. Tooth Teeth Change the middle Vowel. Goose Geese Change the middle vowel. Woman Women Change the final vowel. Foot Feet Change the Middle Vowel. Mouse Mice Change the middle vowel and the consonant. Man Men Change the middle vowel. Sheep Sheep No change. Fish Fish No change Person People Change the whole Word. Ox Oxen Add a final vowel and a consonant. Cactus Cacti Change the final vowel and a the consonant into one vowel. Fungus Fungi Replace the final vowel and consonant with one vowel. Deer Deer No change

Write sentences using 4 words from above:

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5 December 2023

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