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Before transitioning into a Christian culture, what culture gripped Europe? Art is always a response to: Renaissance means: The shift in art from being "God- centered" to "human-centered" became known as: What was the significance of the bronze sculpture "David"? Leonardo di Vinci painted the most famous painting in history; it's title is: Michelangelo only signed one of his sculptures. What type of painting did Jan van Eyck pioneer? One element of art used in the painting, "The Last Supper", is: "The School of Athens" is a sort of fantasy piece as far as who is represented. El Greco may have invented what genre of art? Baroque artists sought to engage the viewer through: Who was known as the "Rockstar" of the Baroque movement? The Rococo era was between the Baroque and the Neoclassical periods. Its style was: What element of art does Vermeer love to showcase in his paintings? The title "The Night Watch" was not correct for this painting. What does NOT describe Romanticism? What did Impressionism bring to art that no one had seen before? Impressionist painters usually painted: Impressionist painters are known for using what type of brushstrokes? How did Post- Impressionism differ from Impressionism? Draw a line to connect each painter to the way he painted. How many paintings did Van Gogh sell in his lifetime? What type of art did Munch's "The Scream" represent? Why did Monet paint several series of paintings? How did Matisse use color? Picasso's art kicked off what movement? What was the only rule of the Dada's? Abstract Expressionism in America emerged from: What was the main point of 20th Century art?

a pagan culture a Dada culture a Buddist culture a Pop culture the needs of the moment the needs of your mother the needs of the family the needs of society rebirth be a nuisance again running rethinking Humanism Paganism Buddism none of these the 1st free-standing bronze sculpture of the Renaissance the first nude of David the first sculpture to wear a hat the first sculpture painted bronze Mona Lisa Starry Night Sistine Chapel ceiling The School of Athens true false oil acrylic finger fresco line geometric shape color value Explain. cityscapes landscapes portraits sculptures drama and movement light and perspective Tom and Jerry color and value Peter Paul Rubens Vincent Van Gogh Giotto Edvard Munch light, happy, frivolous serious, stern, dark emotional, dramatic, over-the-top God-centered light color line shape Explain. the everyday evoking emotion man's connection to his surroundings color perspective texture form outdoors Italy Paris at the beach short, with thick paint in vibrant colors dot-like, close together long, thin, with thin paint normal brushstrokes with monochromatic paint Explain. Van Gogh Cezanne painfully slow nervously fast one two all of them none Symbolism Mannerism Pop Art Baroque to catch the subjects in different light to evoke emotion from the viewer he liked painting series someone had commisioned him to paint the series to defy reality to defy authority to defy gravity to defy value Cubism Romanticism Post-Impressionism Surrealism no rules no running you must show your art at an all Dada exhibition you must paint indoors the chaos of WWII the Pilgrims the Native Americans the Surrealists expression texture drama darkness

In complete sentences, explain the difference between Modern and Contemporary art.

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