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What is Australia's capital city? What is the capital city of the Northern Territory? What is the capital city of South Australia? What is the capital city of New South Wales? What is the capital city of Victoria What is the capital city of Western Australia? Which city is close to the centre of Australia? Which Australian city has the biggest population? In which state is Brisbane? Which animal is NOT on the Australian Coat of Arms? Which number is closest to Australia's population? Which state had the great flood of 2011? Which Australian state is an island? What is the capital city of Tasmania? What is the capital city of South Australia? Which river flows through Adelaide What is the tallest hill in Adelaide What mountain range is in the South Australian outback? A famous opal mining town in South Australia is ... Which Australian city uses ferries for public transport?

Canberra Sydney Melbourne Darwin Alice Springs Adelaide Adelaide Darwin Alice Springs Sydney Canberra Brisbane Melbourne Mount Gambia Geelong Perth Kalgoorlie Broome Alice Springs Coober Pedy Uluru Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Queensland Victoria South Australia Koala Kangaroo Emu 20 million 10 million 30 million Queensland New South Wales Western Australia Tasmania Queensland Victoria Hobart Perth Adelaide Adelaide Perth Hobart Torrens Murray Darling Mt Lofty Mt Kosiosko Mt Remarkable Flinders Ranges Blue Mountains Adelaide Hills Coober Pedy Mount Gambier Port Augusta Sydney Melbourne Brisbane

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30 January 2011

gramarye Author Country Flag Australia

A quiz about Australian cities, states, rivers etc

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