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Love is a rose that loses its petals over time. This is an example of... She's as smart as a rocket scientist. This is an example of Which is an example of a rhyme scheme? Even Beyonce likes the food at the Fried Chicken Wing Company. This persuasive technique is called Our chicken wings are 25% crispier than our competition. This persuasive technique is an example of Make your mom happy by bringing home our fried chicken wings for dinner. This persuasive technique is an example of The protagonist in To Kill a Mockingbird is named... You can't know a person until you walk in his shoes. In To Kill a Mockingbird, this is considered Which character does a "Mockingbird" symbolize in "To Kill a Mockingbird?" "Peter Piper Peeled a Purple Plant" is an example of... The theme of Romeo and Juliet is... "Romeo and Juliet" was written The first sentence of the introduction to an essay is usually the... What should the conclusion of a paragraph usually do... How can you avoid two sentences running together together? Scout's dad in "To Kill a Mockingbird" is named The main conflict in Romeo and Juliet is... "She keeps leaving her screen blinking" is an example of When a writer uses descriptive, interesting words, he or she is working on How would a person describe the syllables in the lines of poem Which is the proper way to end a business letter? "The sun creeps slowly across the sky" is an example of "Would you kindly send me your response as soon as possible?" This is an example of The theme in fiction is... "I Have a Dream" is an example of

a metaphor a haiku a simile a simile a cinquain an extended rhyme abab cdcd efef gg 5-7-5 symbolism ethos pathos logos logos pathos ethos pathos logos ethos Scout The Sheriff Boo Radley the theme the plot the conflict Boo Radley Scout The Sheriff alliteration bandwagon analysis Peace is more important than pride True Love wins Never go to a party uninvited in iambic pentameter haiku free verse hook thesis statement title restate the thesis statement offer new ideas give supporting details Use a comma with a coordinating conjunction Use quotation marks use at least three commas Atticus Jem Calpurnia the Capulets v. the Montegues Romeo v. Juliet The nurse v. the priest slant rhyme perfect rhyme metaphor word choice organization conventions 5-7-5 aba cdc efe gg slant Sincerely, Bob Smith Love, Bob Smith Sincerely: Bob Smith personification rhyme scheme tanka formal language academic language informal language the point the author is making the mood of the story how it all turns out Persuasive writing Informative writing narrative writing

Write an introduction, two body paragraphs, and a conclusion for this prompt: Should cell phones be allowed in classrooms?

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