English (OST) Vocabulary

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Match the word with the correct answer.

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The motive or reason for which an author writes, as to entertain, inform, or persuade Indicates differences between different things To make the meaning more transparent and easy to understand To detect similarities or correspondences between two or more ideas, objects, concepts, and other elements from a text To analyze (break down) spoken words or graphic symbols/units of a familiar language to discover their intended meaning Facts, figures, details, quotations, or other sources of data and information that provide support for claims or an analysis of the text and that can be evaluated by others To make clear by describing in more detail or giving relevant facts or ideas Points of information in a text that strongly support the meaning or tell the story A narrator who addresses a story to a someone he or she calls "you" Condensing a text to its general theme(s) and/or major points

Author's Purpose A character A person Contrast Author's Purpose A person Clarify Compare Contrast Compare Contrast A Character Decode Compare Summarize Evidence Decode Contrast Explain Contrast Summarize Key Details Explain Decode Second Person First Person Compare Summarize Contrast Explain

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English OST Vocabulary Words

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