Expelled: Intelligent Design Not Allowed

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What is Intelligent Design? What percentage of Americans believe in God? Which university professor was blacklisted after mentioning Intelligent Design in the classroom? What is the main argument against Intelligent Design? Is Intelligent Design Science? What is Darwinism? What does a Darwinian worldview teach? What do evolutionists resist debating Intelligent Design? What is a Christian worldview? Can your worldview conflict with science?

The universe and living things explained by intelligent design. God is the Designer of the universe and living things. A theory based on Darwinian Evolution. 91% 90% 81% Dr. Crocker Dr. Sternberg Dr. Egner Introduces Creationism in the classroom. It is not science. It stunts growth. Yes. All scientific reasoning is based on uniform and repeated experience. No. It is a theory based on the Bible. Nothing + Time/Chance = Everything Something + Time/Chance = Everything Nothing + Luck = Everything No God / Evolution No God / Special Creation God / Theistic Evolution The debate has already been settled in favor of evolution. There is no evidence for Intelligent Design. Science is a democratic process. God created everything. God created everything by Theistic evolution. God created everything by random processes. Yes. It can interpret it. No. It doesn't affect it at all.

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1 April 2013

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