Film Quiz: Their Finest (2017)

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How well do you know this WWII movie set in Britain in 1940? It stars Gemma Arterton (as Catrin Cole), Bill Nighy (as Ambrose Hilliard) and Sam Claflin (from The Hunger Games movies) as Tom Buckley. Circle the correct choice below. The film is adapted from the novel Their Finest Hour and a Half by Lissa Evans.

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Catrin comes from Catrin's husband, Ellis Cole, (played by Jack Huston) is The couple are renting a flat in Catrin attends an interview for a government job with Catrin accepts a job with the film team as a Catrin (a woman) and Ambrose (an older man) only get their jobs at this time in British history because The team is making a new film about Dunkirk, France, where The storyline of the new film is about The film team argues that government films show The team leave London to film on location in The government tells the team they need a new character in the script: This is because Britain wants ________ to enter the war to help them What kind of film is Their Finest? Which best describes the storyline of the film?

Wales Scotland England an artist a writer an actor London Devon Dunkirk The Ministry of Information The Ministry of Communication The Ministry of Education scriptwriter signwriter songwriter all the young men are away fighting nobody else wants the jobs their families work for the government 700 privately owned boats helped rescue British and French soldiers trapped on the beach 700 navy ships helped rescue British and French soldiers trapped on the beach 700 planes helped rescue British and French soldiers trapped on the beach twin girls who stole their father's boat to sail to Dunkirk twin girls who fall in love with an American soldier Uncle Frank sailing a boat to Dunkirk bits of truth the whole truth no truth at all Devon Dunkirk Glasgow a brave American a brave German a brave Swiss the USA Germany Switzerland Both of these answers A wartime romance A workplace love story Fictional characters based on historical events Real-life characters based on historical events Fictional characters from alternate history

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