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Pushing or pulling an object to produce motion is called Gravity ________ objects down to Earth "Normal Force" pushes objects __________ to balance gravity The force that can stop an object in motion is called Some resistance forces are Things that can affect how fast or slow something moves are Interia means a object will move in the _________ direction until another force affects it. If an object is not moving, it will stay that way until another force acts upon it. motion is cause by ___________________ Circle ALL the things that affect how an object moves When there is no force on a object, it Circle ALL the different ways something can move Information you collect by observing is called Moving our bodies is the result of If the same force is exerted on different objects, the lighter object will move ____________ than the heavier object. Which shape is easier to move? Which of the following is a slope? The steeper the incline of a slope, the ___________ an object under the same force. An object pushed down a rocky surface will move _________ than if on a flat, smooth surface. The four factors which affect motion are:

force gravity playing pulls throws trips upward downward sideways resistance inertia gravity friction and air pressure friction and gravity Star Wars rebels resistant forces gravity forces ballet forces same slower faster true false sometimes a pull or push a pull a push shape weight color does not move moves very quickly moves very slowly spin roll sleep data numbers pictures pushing and pulling jumping and walking magic pixie dust more less same circle square triangle A hill A pool A parking lot faster slower same slower faster same weight, surface resistance, gravity, and shape weight, color, gravity, and surface resistance color, gravity, surface resistance, and shape

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Force and Motion 1st Grade Multiple Choice Test

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