Grade 4 Wordly Wise Lesson 1

Multiple Choice Worksheet

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Pick the best definition for the CAPITALIZED WORD in each sentence.

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The boy climbed the mountain with EASE. She was COMFORTABLE for the entire airplane flight. The HAIL storm resulted in us having to replace our windows. The citizens HAILED the king as he walked by them. The kit came COMPLETE with stickers and paint for the model. Julian was able to COMPLETE the math problems before bedtime. The tadpole will DEVELOP into a frog Marcus did not UTTER a word in the library. Although he wanted more cookies, it was SUFFICIENT for him to have 2 for dessert. Khali RECOMMENDED the new pokemon sun game as a fun one. Mom hit her head on the lamp PROJECTING from the wall. For science, Avril decided on the PROJECT they would do to show how seeds grow. Grant played video games so often that he MASTERED them When he was frustrated, he would remark on how her voice annoyed him. Senator Ted Kennedy always spoke up for what he thought was best for the country because he was a true PATRIOT. After the hurricane, we LACKED electricity. To our great DISMAY, we had to evacuate because of a hurricane coming towards our home.

without worry or fear like a monkey with worry and fear with ease with fear sleepy frozen rain a type of snow hurricane winds greeted avoided spit at no missing parts additional parts optional parts finish answer erase process of growth hatch change to speak to yell to laugh enough of something to fill a need limits placed by parents only a limited amount of something a statement of praise a statement to buy something a statement to say bad things to stick out to fall down to grow up a plan of doing something a homework assignment a boring activity to have succesfful achieved a skill to know how to get to the end to know how score a point to make a comment, to say to yell out of frustration to say something not nice to love and support one's country to own a flag to love and support a candidate to be without to have sufficient amount to not have enough fear, worry happiness anger

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