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It was raining ________ I didn't go to school. It was raining ________ I went to school anyway. Next weekend my family and I ________ go to the zoo. Last weekend my family and I ________ to the zoo. Yesterday I _________ to the shops. Tomorrow I will ____________ to the shops. Last night my mother __________ our dinner. Our mother is ___________ dinner. Tomorrow our mother will _________ dinner. I will go to the city ______ Monday. Lunch will be _______ twelve fifteen. The exam will be ______ Monday I was __________ when I fell over. ___________ night I had rice for dinner. __________ I had rice for dinner. The student was ___________ for the exam. My birthday is ___ September The test will be ____ Tuesday. The boy fell ______ the swimming pool. My cat jumped ______ the table.

so but because but so because will went want went want will drove drive driven drive drove driven cooked cook cooking cooking cooked cook cook cooked cooking on in at at in on on in at running run ran Last Yesterday Tomorrow Yesterday Last Tomorrow learning learn learned in on at on at in into on at onto in at

Write 3 sentences. 1 What you did yesterday. 2 What you are doing now. 3 What you will do tomorrow.

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31 March 2013

gramarye Author Country Flag Australia

20 question grammar diagnostic for post beginner. The focus in on past tense and prepositions.

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