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Multiple Choice (2 points each)

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Genes are located in the _______ of cells. Genes control specific _______ which determine which traits are expressed. Mutations in genes can result in changes in proteins. One example of a genetic mutation is _____. Which is a representation of "variance of traits"? Humans have two alleles for each trait, one from each _________. Mutations can be beneficial, harmful, or neutral What is a karyotype? Asexual reproduction produces offspring that are genetically _________ to the parent. A form of asexual reproduction where an organism is split into fragments is called Bacteria reproduce through a process called... Worms reproduce through a process called... A specialized form of asexual reproduction where an organism can replace a lost or injured part of it's body is called... A type of asexual reproduction where an organism can be produced from unfertilized eggs is called ... A punnett square represents both the genotype and the phenotype of an organism. The capital letter in a genotype represents the recessive traits of an organism. A phenotype represents the _________ characteristics of an organism. DNA stands for _________. CRISPR is a gene editing tool that uses a family of DNA sequences that are found in bacteria. A punnett square has four boxes: Rr, RR, Rr, rr. What is the probability that the parents with have offspring with recessive traits?

Chromosomes Golgi Bodies Lysosomes Ribosomes Proteins Nerve tissue. Mitochondria Human habits True False Polydactyl cats. Brown hair. A widow's peak. Identical twins. Humans creating offspring through sexual reproduction. Hydras creating offspring through budding. Spider plants creating offspring called plantlets. Bacteria reproducing through binary fission. Parent. Cell. Punnett square. Chromatid . True False A chart that shows chromosome pairs. A genetic mutation. Tearra's favorite candy. A square that shows dominant and recessive traits. Identical Different Attached Inferior Fragmentation Budding Sexual reproduction Binary fission Binary fission Fragmentation Sexual reproduction Budding Fragmentation Budding Binary fission Sexual reproduction Regeneration Budding Fragmentation Binary fission Parthenogenesis Fragmentation Binary fission Regeneration True False False True Physical Recessive Dominant Identical Deoxyribonucleic Acid Dariel's Next Ambition Drynerve Acid Damaged Nuclear Agents True False 25% 50% 75% 100%

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18 February 2019

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