How Reproduction Takes Place

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Complete the multiple-sheet questions, then using your answers write out in sentences how reproduction takes place. Make sure you include all of the stages. 

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An egg is released from the ovary around what day of the menstrual cycle? When conception takes place the sperm travels through the vagina, cervix and uterus, meeting the egg where? The egg and sperm fuse as one cell and begin developing, at this stage the egg (Ovum) is also known as what? During the time when the fertilised egg is developing, what is happening to the uterus? After around 7 days the fertilised egg reaches the uterus and embeds itself, at this stage it can now be called, what? The baby's support system consists of what? Amniotic fluid is made up of water to begin with, as it grows it is also made up of one other thing, what is that? Amniotic fluid can protect the baby and is contained in a protective ? An umbilical cord is attached to what? The umbilical cord has a vein that takes food and oxygen from the mother two the baby, what do the two arteries do? Around what week does the embryo become a foetus? Identical twins are a result of, what? Non-Identical twins are known as what type of twins? Ante-natal stands for what?

14 17 6 Fallopian tube Uterus lining Waits for the egg to arrive Zygote Blastocyst Ovulation The lining is thickening ready for implantation The woman has a period so the uterus is fresh The placenta starts to grow Embryo Foetus Baby the umbilical cord, amnion, placenta the foetus, umbilical cord and placenta the mother, amnion, placenta Baby's urine Blood Mothers urine from the placenta Sac skin nutrients The mother and the baby The uterus and the baby The cervix and the baby Take waste to the placenta Hold the waste until the mother goes to the loo Provides blood to the baby from the mother 8 weeks 4 weeks 12 weeks one egg is fertilised and divides into two the egg divides when two sperm approach when the egg cannot carry the weight of the sperm Fraternal Monozygotic Paternal Before birth After birth During birth

How does reproduction take place? (See above for instructions).

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