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What is a landform? Which of the following is the highest landform on Earth? How are valleys most commonly formed? What is a plain? Which of the following landforms is usually found under the ocean? Which term describes a group of islands? What is a peninsula? How is a plateau different from a mountain? Which of these landforms is characterized by being dry and sandy? Rivers often flow through which type of landform?

A natural feature on the Earth's surface. A type of animal found in different regions A type of weather pattern A model of the Earth Mountain Hill Plateau Valley By the movement of glaciers By the construction of dams By meteor impacts By the digging of animals A large, flat area of land with few changes in elevation A high, flat-topped landform with steep sides A small area of land surrounded by water A large area of land with very few trees Mid-ocean ridge Desert Peninsula Plateau Archipelago Peninsula Mountain range Isthmus Land that is surrounded by water on three sides A body of water surrounded by land A narrow strip of land connecting two larger landmasses Land that is completely surrounded by water A plateau is generally flat on top, while a mountain comes to a peak A plateau is surrounded by water, but a mountain is not A plateau can have waterfalls, but mountains cannot Mountains are always taller than plateaus Desert Forest River Glacier Valleys Mountains Plateaus Deserts

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13 November 2023

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