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Multiple Choice Worksheet

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This, That, These, and Those Reading Street Grammar & Writing Book Unit Five Week Three

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_____ orange I'm eating is delicious. It is better than _____ apples from last week. Astronauts don't get fresh fruit like _____ peaches we are eating. _____ meals they take into space are freeze-dried. _____ fact means they must add water to them. Let's exchange _____ bread for these crackers. Let's try some of _____ freeze-dried steak. Is _____ water boiling yet? _____ granola bars are tasty too. Don't sign me up for _____ next shuttle flight. _____ book is so heavy I can hardly lift it. _____ mountains don't look that far away. I like _____ pictures better than those. _____ car at the far end of the lot is mine. Please take _____note to the office. I like the feel of _____ fabric. In _____ early days, space travel was a dream. Some believed _____ dream could be a reality. _____ days, we believe humans will go to Mars. _____ change is due to our astronauts.

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8 April 2022

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