Life Cycle of a Butterfly

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Read the selection and answer the questions.

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What are the four stages of the butterfly life cycle? Caterpillars need to eat a lot. All butterflies have the same amount of time during their cycle. A butterfly starts life as a small, round egg. Butterfly eggs are transparent (you can see through them). All butterfly eggs are the same. Butterfly eggs are usually laid on the leaves of plants. Butterfly larvae are the same as caterpillars. In the larva stage, caterpillars just sleep. Caterpillars usually __________ the leaves they were born onto. Caterpillars eat all leaves. A caterpillar's exoskeleton does not stretch or grow. In order to grow, a caterpillar sheds it's skin only once. Once a caterpillar is done growing, and they are their full length/weight, they form into a larvae. You can see all of the changes of a caterpillar in the pupa stage. The pupa stage is also known as the ________________. The metamorphosis occurs during this stage. Once a butterfly emerges for the chrysalis, the wings are hard. Blood is pumped into the wings. It usually takes a butterfly three to four hours to master flying.

egg, larva, pupa, and adult True False False True True False True False False True True False True False False True eat False True True False False True False True False True Chrysalis True False False True True False True False

Draw and label the parts of the butterfly's life cycle.

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