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What phrase means against the odds? What if you have to start something again? What does it mean to have control? What does it mean to be helpless? What does it mean when there is a high level of uncertainty? What does it mean to learn the basics? What is the process of trial and error? What is that never give up attitude? What does it mean to be strict? What does it mean to do things cheaply? What does it mean to have limited options? What does it be to start from the beginning? What is the final profit margin? What does it mean to get serious? What does giving everyone the necessary information mean? What does it mean if something is not very complicated? What does thinking unconventionally mean? What does it mean to contact someone? What does it mean to summarize something? What does it mean to start from the beginning? What does it mean to have something beneficial?

a long shot a short shot in the bag back to the drawing board one more time erase it all to corner the market control the flow own the market hands are tied feet are stuck going nowhere up in the air spinning around lost in space to learn the ropes to learn the strings to learn the chains a learning curve fall down a misstep to go down swinging fight forever rocky by the book by the newspaper follow the rules to cut corners to cheat to corner cut between a rock and a hard place no way up between up and down from the ground up back to basics foundation the bottom line the money line banking time to get down to business to get busy it’s go time to get everyone up to speed to get everyone in the same room to give everyone a map it’s not rocket science it’s not space repair it’s not bingo at the grange to think outside the box to think inside the box to think under the bed to touch base to write a letter to call in a nutshell in a nest in a brief back to square one back to triangle base back to base bring to the table bring to the meeting bring to lunch

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26 February 2021

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