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When did the Black Plague first appear in England? Which of the following does the author say contributed to the Black Plague's spread in England? What was a common belief about the Black Plague? Which of the following was not listed as an effect of the Black Plague? What was the Statute of Laborers" of 1351? The Statute of Laborers of 1351 What would people do with vinegar when they were trying to treat the plague? Why did doctors bleed people with the plague? Which "cure" on the list was the most likely to have any impact at all on the spread of the disease? Can you still die from the plague today?

1348 1492 1300 filth in the streets overcrowded hospitals rat bites That it was a punishment from God That it was a virus that antibiotics could cure That it was sent by the devil and his demons "too many people" "Hungry people" "Peasant Pride" it stated that peasants could not leave the village that they belonged to it stated that peasants could demand higher wages it proposed new wage minimums to help peasants to help them out restricted wages to the level they had been in 1346 It raised wages to offset the inflated prices it allowed wages to raise and lower with inflation wash with vinegar mixed with rose water they would drink it in their tea make a mask and soak it in vinegar so they would breath in the fumes to get the disease out of their blood it was believed they had too much blood it was believed that a blood sacrifice was needed sanitation witchcraft medicine yes no

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9 February 2015

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plague quiz

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