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Which church left their first love? Which church was the suffering church? Which church didn't follow the teaching of Jezebel? Which church thought it was alive but it was dead? Which church was protected from the time of testing? Which two churches were not condemned? If you have ears, who are you to listen to as He speaks to the churches? Which church was the devil about to throw into prison? What did Jesus commend the church at Ephesus for? Which church was not cold or hot but lukewarm?

Ephesus Smyrna Philadelphia Smyrna Ephesus Laodicea Thyatira Pergamum Sardis Sardis Thyatira Ephesus Philadelphia Sardis Pergamum Smyrna and Philadelphia Ephesus and Pergamum Thyatira and Laodicea The Spirit The Angels The Leaders Smyrna Philadelphia Ephesus Hardwork, endurance, intolerance, tested false apostles, have not given up Suffering, where Satan dwells, don't follow the Nicolaitans Faith, service, love, endurance Laodicea Pergamum Ephesus

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