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Answer questions.

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How many know active underwater volcanoes are there? Underwater volcanoes are home to many sea creatures? What is another name for underwater volcanoes? Hawaii is made from underwater volcanoes. What sea creatures call underwater volcanoes home? A large portion of them are located in the pacific Ocean. Each year ______ of lava released from the Earth's core. What is the name of the location where most underwater volcanoes are found? Ghost fish call the underwater volcanoes home Underwater volcanoes are also called submarine volcanoes.

5,000 50,000 4,567 True False Submarine volcanoes Scary volcanoes Ship volcanoes True False White crab Blue shrimp Jellyfish True False 75% 63% 98% Mid-Ocean Ridges Quarter Ridge Bramante Bay True False True False

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15 May 2020

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