Semester Exam--The Crucible Act 1 Vocabulary

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Circle the correct answer for each word.

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inert persecute creed potent citadel paradox Apprehension resentment contention formidable conjure pretense subservient prodigious faction afflict trepidation

motionless; non-reactive To throw something in the air to oppress a race or group of people because of ethnicity or religion to move an object across the table a statement of beliefs or set of principles to think that you are the best very strong, effective, or powerful; exerting persuasion, influence, or force something that is weak a fortress or strongly fortified building in or near a city, used as a place of refuge a scary place something which has qualities that seem to contradict each other a place to run to dread to be scared of ill-feeling toward something or toward somebody, usually as a result of ill-usage or insult, or an instance of these a place to go to for rehab an opinion or claim stated in the course of an argument A box used for trash difficult to deal with or overcome a part of the body to invoke supposed supernatural forces; to influence with spells a place in the woods insincere or feigned behavior an occupation or job too eager to obey a child with bad behavior great in amount, size, or extent a giant bear a dissenting minority within a larger group a person who protests for the wrong thing to cause severe mental or physical distress to somebody a concern for others fear or uneasiness about the future or a future event a job where people collect items for recycle

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10 December 2020

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