Shapes in Language

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Which description fits best?

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If you call somebody " square" it means he or she is... a vicious circle eternal triangle in good shape diamond in the rough a square meal come full circle Damn straight! means in German: fair and square go pear-shaped (British)

dull, conventional, old-fashioned exciting and fashionable gay solutions create a new problem a win-win situation a big group of people two people in love with the same person a music instrument a popular dessert in good physical condition intelligent precise a good person who needs a bit of refinement a bad person a boring person a good big meal a boring meal a disgusting meal return to the starting point go from one pub to another try to do the impossible Auf jeden Fall! Du Dummkopf! Verschwinde! very fair not fair at all sold out go wrong get fat be tired

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28 October 2019

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Shapes in Language

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