Talking about the future

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Chose the correct option for every sentence

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The New Year holidays _____ next week. There are ten days in a row without work. They _______ to see us tomorrow. They are already on the road. I think Brazil _____ the World Cup. However, I'm not sure. George says he ______ us. He usually keeps his promises. I promise I ______ you tomorrow. Don't worry about it. They ______ to Manchester. However, they need to first start saving the money for that. Be careful! You _______ fall. There's a big stone over there! ______ at eight o'clock tomorrow. Can you come later? We _____ see Mary at the meeting. She sometimes goes. The game ______ be over by eight o'clock. It's not usually longer than one hour.

start will start are coming come will win is winning will help helps will see I am going to see are going to move are moving are going to will I will be working I will work could would should could

Write sentences to talk about plans or predictions (Present continuous or going to), beliefs about the future (will), good chance (modal verbs), timetables (present simple) etc.

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30 June 2022

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