The Book of Numbers

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How many chapters are there in the book of Numbers? Which book comes after the book of Numbers in the Old Testament? Which book comes before the book of Numbers in the Old Testament? What does the book of Numbers describe? Who wrote the book of Numbers? Where does Moses count the number of people as told by God? How many people are found to be fit for military service? What is the theme of Numbers? Where does the title of the book of Numbers come from? Who was the book of Numbers written to?

36 35 40 Deuteronomy Leviticus Joshua Leviticus Deuteronomy Joshua The numbering of God's people The priestly rituals and rules for conduct The exodus of the Israelites from Egypt Moses Joshua Aaron Wilderness of Sinai Egypt Mount Syria 603,550 600,000 602,145 Testing Holiness Redemption The first three words: in the wilderness The symbol of numbers in the book The number of people numbered in the book Older disobedient Israelites and those under 20 who grew up in the wilderness Younger disobedient Israelites Egyptians who joined Israelites when leaving Egypt

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