The Book of Revelation

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What does revelation mean? Who wrote the book of Revelation? How many chapters are in Revelation? What is the theme of Revelation? What is chapter one about? What is chapters two and three about? What is chapter 4 about? What is chapter 5 about? How many seals are mentioned in chapter six? Summarize all the seals in chapter 6.

All the above revealing unveiling John Jesus Angel 22 21 20 Jesus' coming End of the world judgment Vision of Jesus John's persecution The coming of Jesus The seven churches Jesus praises the churches Jesus condemns the churches The throne of God Streets of gold John going to heaven Jesus worthy to open the seals No one worthy to open the seals An elder opens the seals 6 seals 5 seals 4 seals peace, war, famine, death, martyrs, terror Antichrist, death, famine, martyrs, terror White horse, red horse, black horse, green horse, martyrs, terror

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