The History of Chocolate

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How long ago were people in Mexico and Central America using chocolate Which Spanish Explorer helped Europeans see that there was value in cacao beans. What was the name of the Aztec ruler who served Hernando Cortez a drink from cacao beans? Who is it rumored shared the secret of chocolate with other Europeans? What year did a Frenchman open the first chocolate shop? What city was the first chocolate shop in? The first solid chocolate bar was made in this year. When did Milton Hershey establish Hershey's Chocolate Factory? What year was the cocoa press invented? What year did Christopher Columbus bring cacao beans back to Europe?

2000 years ago 1000 years ago 3000 years ago Hernando Cortez Christopher Columbus Mickey Mouse Montezuma Tizoc Itzcoatl Spanish Monks Spanish Explorers Spanish Rulers 1657 1894 1528 London Paris Berlin 1847 1913 1828 1894 1994 1913 1828 1847 1528 1502 1528 1551

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27 April 2014

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History of Chocolate - goes with A-Z reading book All About Chocolate

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