The Nativity Quiz

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What did the angel tell Mary? When did Mary marry Joseph? What was the problem when Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem? What did the inn-keeper do? What kept baby Jesus warm? Why were the shepherds afraid? How did the shepherds react when they saw the baby Jesus? What did a bright new star in the sky mean to the wise men? Why did the the wise men give Jesus expensive gifts? Who wasn't present at the Nativity?

God wanted her to have a very special baby and she was to call him Jesus. That she was to marry Joseph. That she was to call her new baby Jesus. Before Gabriel spoke to her. After Gabriel spoke to her. She didn't marry Joseph. There were many people there so there was nowhere to stay. They were tired after the long journey. Mary wanted to stay at a hotel with a nurse. He came to their aid with the offer of a stable. He told them they couldn't sleep with the animals. He said they could stay in his house. A manger, warm clothes and some straw. Warm clothes and a cot. Straw and a warm blanket. They had never seen anything like the bright light in the sky before. They had never seen a baby born in a stable before. They had never seen a wolf eat their sheep before. They were filled with joy and they worshipped him. They were filled with fear and were worried by him. They gave him gifts of sheep. A great new ruler had been born. A great new ruler was going to be born. A great new ruler would be born. Because they believed he was a King. Because they were very rich. Because they always travelled with plenty of money. Santa and his reindeer Astronomers A carpenter

Write your own multiple choice question below then ask your partner.

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18 December 2013

ShirleyNorrie Author Country Flag United Kingdom

This quick quiz can be used with a 5-min online video on the Christmas story for EFl students:

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