Topic 7 Lesson 1 Earth’s Gravitational Forces

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What is gravity? Which objects in space stay in their orbits because of gravity? Why do parachuters fall toward Earth? What does the word "exerts" mean in the sentence, "Everything that has mass exerts a gravitational force on other objects"? Why do objects fall at different rates in the presence of air? What holds stars in their galaxies? Why does a piece of tissue fall at a slower rate than a ball? What is the primary factor that determines the strength of gravity between two objects? What is the primary force that keeps the moon in its orbit around Earth? What is the purpose of rocket boosters in most rockets?

A force of attraction between two objects. A type of rocket booster The speed of a rocket leaving Earth. A planet in our solar system. Planets and moons. Stars and galaxies Artificial satellites only. Rockets and satellites. Because they are pulled by the force of gravity Because they have rocket boosters. Because they are pushed by the air. Because they are in space. Applies Slows down. Floats. Pushes. Because they have different masses. Because air pushes against them. Because they are in space. Because they have different shapes. Gravity Rockets Sun Desk Because of the air resistance acting on the tissue. Because the ball has more mass. Because tissue is made of paper. Because tissue is lighter than a ball. The distance between the objects. The color of the objects. The temperature of the objects. The shape of the objects. Earth's gravity Rocket propulsion Sun's gravity Air resistance To provide additional thrust at liftoff. To release fuel into space. To steer the rocket. To slow down the rocket's descent.

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1 November 2023

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