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When did Levi Strauss make the first jeans? Where was Coca-Cola invented? The first tuxedo was worn in Tuxedo Park, New York. When did Dr. Kellogg invent a machine to make peanut butter? What did William Wrigley make in 1892? Martin Luther King, Jr. started Reader's Digest magazine. Who invented the safety razor? When did they write the first Superman story? Who invented Kellogg's Corn Flakes? When was the first crossword puzzle published in the newspaper? McDonald's was started in 1961 by the McDonald brothers. Where was Starbuck's Coffee started?

1860 1922 Atlanta, Georgia Chicago, Illinois True False 1890 1939 flavored chewing gum Corn Flakes cereal False True King Gillette Albert Einstein 1939 1961 W. W. Kellogg Dr. John Harvey Kellogg 1913 1961 True False Seattle, Washington New York, New York

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12 October 2016

gringa999 Author Country Flag United States of America

This is from All About the USA 1 (Part 3)

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