Vocabulary Test Unit 10

Multiple Choice Worksheet

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Choose the letter of the term that matches the definition given.

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a hole or marck made by an object quantity of liquid; enough to make wet bench you sit on/ container or substance that whitens of or relating to nature any part of the face; prominent one enjoyment or satisfaction from one's liking person who throws a ball; container that holds liquid strikingly effective in appearance person that snatches something out of the air a sudden attack; the act of having spasms an animal, living thing person who spreads the word of God state of being broken; partial break equipment used for shooting including a bow and arrow free from the demands of work or duty coming to an end something securely or permanently attached person who gives a speech or shares information

puncture moisture bleachers natural feature pleasure pitcher picturesque catcher seizure creature preacher fracture archery leisure closure fixture lecturer

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9 February 2021

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