What's Wrong with Me?

Multiple Choice Worksheet

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I've got a pain in my head. I was out in the sun too long. I've got a small itchy lump. I might be having a heart attack. I've lost my voice. I need to blow my nose a lot. I have an allergy. I have a My shoe rubbed my heel. I have a The doctor gave me antibiotics. I have a/an I think I want to vomit. I am My arm is not broken. It is My arm touched the hot stove. It is I have an upset stomach. I might The doctor put plaster on my arm. It is If you cut your finger it will I hit my hip on a desk. It will When you have hay-fever you will A sharp knife will

headache Stiff neck Sunburn Fever Insect bite Rash Chest pain Cramps Laryngitis Sore throat Runny nose Blood Nose Rash Insect bite Blister Rash Infection Cold Nauseous Bloated Sprained Scratched Burned Bleeding Vomit Cough Broken Sprained Bleed Burn Bruise Burn Sneeze Wheeze Cut Scratch

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24 August 2016

gramarye Author Country Flag Australia

This is basic medical words for symptoms and ailments great for health topics

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