Wonders Grade 4 Unit 4 Week 5 Confusing Vocabulary

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Which word means to select? Which word is a noun that means a suggestion? Which word is a contraction of they are? Which word is a possessive adjective? Which sentence uses the word advice correctly? Which sentence uses the word advise correctly? which sentence uses the word their correctly? Which word means in one side and out the other? Which word means to toss something? Which word means excessive unneeded negative amount or rate of something. Which sentence has an incorrect word? Which sentence has a word that is spelt incorrectly? Which sentence uses a correct verb form of throw?

Choose Advice Advise Advice Choose Chose They're There Their Their There They're She gave me some good advice yesterday. She advice me to study well. She advice some good ideas for me. The doctor advises the patient to stay in bed. The doctor advises some healthy habits. The doctor advise the patient to drink water. Their new house is very nice. Their going to travel by car. Their are good people. Through Threw Throw Throw Through Too Too To Through I want too play tennis. I want to play tennis. I want to eat some bananas. This tea is to hot to drink. This tea is too hot to drink. This tea is so hot that I can't drink it. She threw the litter in the bin. She threws the litter in the bin. She throw the litter in the bin.

Write sentences using the words: They're, there, their, through. too.

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30 November 2023

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