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young, tough, bearded, bruised. aggressive, hard, well-built, muscular, in their twenties, dark-haired, short hair, dark-eyed friendly, cheerful, late-twenties, dark-skinned, medium-length hair, curly-haired, scruffy, early-thirties, moustache, Asian, sideburns, dark-eyed short, stocky, short-cropped hair, stout, chubby, ugly, bearded middle-aged, fortyish, friendly, pretty, open, medium-length, straight hair short-haired, young, handsome, in their twenties, clean-shaven, well-built beautiful, slim, slender, almond-eyed, oval face, high cheekbones, dark-haired, pony-tail stout, handsome, masculine, short-haired, thick-lipped, muscular, effeminate dark-skinned, Asian, old-aged, wrinkled, bearded, grey-haired, thin young, cheerful, Asian, dark-haired, good-looking, friendly, positive, friendly middle-aged, scruffy, pensive, Afro-American, dark-skinned, in their thirties, casual, sullen, hostile young, in their twenties, pretty, blonde, long-haired. slim, shy old, bearded, Asian, bearded, grey-haired, scruffy, friendly, positive, slim long-haired, dark-haired, young, twentyish, smart, dark-skinned, friendly, cheerful fiftyish, bald, moustache, gloomy, casual, bags under their eyes, wrinkled young, in their twenties, medium length hair, wavy hair, mediterranean, olive-skinned, spotty, oval face

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28 September 2022

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