4.3 Increasing Your Activity Level, pp.86-89

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Working out doesn't have to be what? a high-intensity exercise routine (p.87). What does getting fit and feeling better mean? Adding more physical activity and movement to your life (p.87). What should you do in a short amount of time? Make your bed and clean your room (p.87) Give two things that can be strenuous exercise. mowing, gardening, weeding, planting, harvesting (p.87) What exercise can you do involving cars? Washing them (p.87) What exercise can you do involving your bike? Riding (p.87) What part of your body does bike riding work? Your heart and lungs (p.88) What is one of the most important aspects of good health? An active lifestyle and getting regular exercise (p.89) What does the word sedentary mean? Non-active What does the phrase "lifetime sports" refer to? Activities that a person can participate in throughout a lifetime (p.89)

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