History/Geography Chapter 6 Review

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"Flora refers to? And "Fauna" refers to? plants; animals Yellowstone National Park is the "?" national park in the world and the "?" in the United States. oldest; largest Mt McKinley North America's tallest peak is in what state? Alaska What lake in the Great Basin Desert is the largest saltwater lake in North America? In what state is it located? Great Salt Lake; Utah Which animal is considered the most dangerous animal in North America? grizzly bear The term "intermountain" means? between the mountains In the Petrified Forest, the cells in the trees were replaced by minerals until the trees become solid what? stone What and where is the hottest and driest part of North America? Death Vally in CA The plants of the western desert are designed to do what? Conserve water Which are the most abundant mammals of the desert? rodents The Pacific Ocean covers how much of the earth's surface? one third Which lake is the deepest in the United States, and where is it located? Crater Lake, Oregon Name three items the Northwest Indians made from the trees in this region. canoes, boxes, totem poles, houses The state of Utah was named after which Indians? Ute Name the largest canyon in the world, and tell where it is located. Grand Canyon, Arizona

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3 April 2017

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