Japan: The Road To Global War

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Kanagawa Treaty to open up trade between USA and Japan in 1871 (7) tripleintervention Germany, France and Russia force Japan to surrender the Liaodong Peninsula after the 1st Sino-Japanese war (6/12) AngloJapanese First ever ailiance between an Asian and European power, ending Japan's isolation(5/8) Tsushimastrait The Japanese destroyed the Russian fleet in this sea battle.(8/6) Portsmouth Treaty between Russia and japan after the Russo-Japanese war (10) BrestLitovsk Treaty between Russia and Germany, allowing Russia to withdraw from the First World War (6/7) Fivepowernavaltreaty Treaty aimed at limiting naval power that obliged Japan's navy to abandon its plans for expansion.(4/5/5/6) Washingtontreaty A system of treaties: the four-power, the five power naval treaty and the nine-power treaty. (10/6) Meiji New restructured government in Japan (5) Manchukuo Japanese puppet state created after the Manchurian crisis (8) Mukden Incident that gave Japan a reason for invading Manchuria (6) Marcopolobridge Incident that gave Japan a pretext for attacking China (5/4/6) Kwantung Name of the Japanese army that operated independently of the government in Japan (8) Tripartitepact Treaty between Germany, Japan and Italy (10/4) Neutralitypact Non.-aggeression pact between the USSR and Japan signed in 1941 (10/4) PearlHarbor Surpise attack on US Pacific fleet in December 1941 (5/6) MIdway Sea battle in which the US destroyed the Japanese aircraft carrier fleet (6) oilembargo US decision to stop supplying Japan with fuel (3/7) Nanking Massacre when the Japanese conquered a Chinese city that shocked the world (7) darkvalley term to denote the period from the military take-over of pwer in Japan to the end of the Second World War (4/5)

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