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Add the correct article to these newspaper headlines

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Nannies come out in force SA cruisin' on new wave of tour dollars Cuppa might cure disease Diehard supporter follows dream Omega-3 grains get go-ahead Make first taste of work better to experience Give volunteers a break at Easter Letting Gen Y out of bottle Popular place to live Pet bird rescued from tree by firies Hiker's lucky escape Hurdles make them fly higher Thieves grab ancient opals in hotel heist Sub relaunch in search for plane Queensland braces as Ita upgraded to category five Fortune shines in Gates as world's richest grow richer Bag a bargin in cheapest mainland capital New push for Easter holiday Ship detects distinct signals Bank on these suburbs to make profit from property

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21 April 2014

gramarye Author Country Flag Australia

Headlines often do not contain articles and are not "proper" sentences. Get your higher level students to add articles and/or construct full sentences

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