Numbers 22-25 - The Story of Balaam

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Who was Balaam? He was the son of Beor who lived in the town of Pethor (Num.22:5). He was also a prophet (v.8). Who hired Balaam? King Balak of Moab (Num.22:1) What was he hired to do? Curse Israel (Num.22:6) How did God respond to this? Don't go with them, I have blessed them (Num.22:12) Did Balaam do what he was hired to do? No (Num.22:13) Describe the scene in Numbers 22:22-35. Balaam and his donkey meets the angel of the Lord Summarize Numbers 23: Summarize Numbers 24: Was Balaam ever successful in doing what he was hired to do? Yes (Num.25:1) What did he suggest to those who hired him? Commit sexual immorality with the Moabite women (Num.25:1)

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20 February 2013

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