Past Tense Independent Clauses and noun groups

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I / walk / shops I walked to the shops. I / play / tennis I played tennis. She / run / park She ran in the park. He / drive / to work. He drove to work. I / speak / neighbour. I spoke with my neighbour. He / jump / fence. He jumped over the fence. I / drink / coffee. I drank my coffee. Dog / bark / stranger. The dog barked at the stranger. Girl / sing / school. The girl sang at school. Mother / make / cake. Mother made a cake. Father / sweep / path. Father swept the path. Ball / bounce / high The ball bounced high. Girl / swim / pool The girl swam in the pool. I / drop / cup I dropped my cup. She / hit / ball She hit the ball. He / write / letter He wrote a letter. He / drive / fast He drove fast. Mother / read / book Mother read a book. She / break / plate She broke her plate. Girl / take / photo The girl took a photo.

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7 October 2012

gramarye Author Country Flag Australia

Similar to my previous one, but this one encourages writing independent clauses, past tense and noun groups. Enjoy!

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