Q&A on Deuteronomy 24

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Can a woman who has been divorced more than once remarry her first husband? Why? No. She has already slept with her second husband. The marriage would pollute the land (vv.1-4). Can a man who is newly married go to war? Why? If he's been married less than one year, he must be allowed to stay home with his wife and be happy with his wife (v.5). What should you not take from someone as a guarantee they'll pay back a loan? Why? Their millstones. They may starve. They need these stones for grinding grain into flour to make bread (v.6). What is the penalty for kidnapping? Death (v.7) Who did God tell what to do if someone has leprosy? The priests (v.8) Why can't someone who loans to the poor keep their coat overnight as a guarantee? They need it to keep warm and sleep (v.13). When are wages to foreigners to be paid? At the end of each day (v.15). What will happen if you don't pay poor people their wages on time? They will complain to the Lord and you will be punished (v.15). Who must not be put to death for someone else's crime? Anyone (v.16) Who are to be treated fairly? Orphans and foreigners (v.17) What are you to do with a stack of harvested grain that you forgot to bring in? Leave it for the poor, foreigners, orphans & widows

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7 April 2013

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